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Turatti Group boasts a wide experience in the food sector, where it has been operating for as many as four generations and over three centuries since its creation in Cavarzere (Veneto Region) in 1869.


The Group's activities have evolved during the course of the decades, varying from the construction of equipment for agriculture to the design and manufacturing of machinery and complete processing plants for the food industry. Nowadays the Group is active in four different divisions that revolve around the food processing, starting from the Food Service, the designing of customized solutions for the food industry and enology (Dionysus System), up to automation and services.

Turatti has always worked globally with a 80% export rate of its total sales volume. Turatti North America with its state-of-art factory close to the Silicon Valley, serves the North American market offering to its Customers technologies and services. 




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Turatti Group will be a leading player at Fruit Logistica 2018 !

Do you want to see what the future holds for produce processing machines? Well, there is no better place than the Turatti booth at the coming Fruit Logistica in Berlin (Feb 7-9, 2018) ! In Hall 3.1 at Booth D-07, we will display a visually striking multi-media experience, focusing on the new and existing machines which have significantly disrupted the industry.


Mango Peeler Mod. Malver from Turatti Group is nominated for the FLIA 2018 award

For the second year in a row, Turatti has had one of their machines nominated for the most prestigious award of its kind in the international fresh fruit and vegetable sector, the FLIA (The Fruit Logistica Innovation Award).


Turatti Group keep on expanding in Asia with Turatti Pacific soon exhibiting in Vietnam and China

The development of innovative solutions, tailored to process tropical fruit and vegetables, allowed to Turatti Group to continue its impressive expansion on the growing Asian markets.