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Clever solutions to run automatically the best Food Processing Technology

The past decade has seen an increase in the use of more sophisticated software-driven, on-line control systems. The Turatti Group is an innovative leader in this advanced area of food processing.

Automation, the use of various control system for operating equipment including machinery, processes etc., can go beyond boosting efficiency to give food producers many other benefits. Engineers and programmers in the Turatti group have developed several proprietary and patented solutions providing operators with refined control of their process lines.
Through automation using PLCs and HMI systems from the best worldwide suppliers, processors can monitor their key performance indicators including capacity, yield, quality, utilities/energy consumption and labor efficiency. All these valuable insights enable customers to continually identify opportunities for improvement.
Equipment and process monitoring is made using PCs or Control Panels in local mode or remotely by Turatti Automation department allowing interpretation of data by the customer with reference to Turatti technicians when and if necessary.

These solutions provide each operator with the opportunity to deliver a safe quality product, monitor equipment performance in real time and pre-empt or solve early any issues or potential hazards.

The focus on food safety at Turatti Automation allows for the minimization of risk on the processing line and with an integrated approach to the whole process and supply chain we help to enable safer food, from farm to fork.

Through in-house solutions and strategic partnerships, Turatti Group can also include industrial robots in the processing lines automating industrial processes and upgrading the labor force to operate machines rather than having staff performing monotonous and repetitive manual tasks.


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