Polar wind / Nitrogen cooling tunnel

The Polar Wind tunnel is a new, innovative solution for effective cooling and conservation of produce. Products like leaf salad and fresh fruit can now be cooled and stabilized after tunnel or mechanical drying, and prior to packaging.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Nitrogen exhibits unique properties when used for cooling, providing many benefits over other systems.

• The process takes place in controlled-atmosphere condition which impedes the growth of oxygen based spoilage and microbial action.

• Impressive improvements in the colour of the leaves.

• Final product freshness is visibly enhanced.

• The cooling time is shortened, resulting in additional reduction in microbial activity.


Specifications /

Installed power
Polar wind 3000: 3,7 kW
Polar wind 5000: 11 kW
Polar wind 3000: 1920 x 3900 x H. 2700 mm
Polar wind 5000: 1920 x 5000 x H. 2270 mm