Jumbo / High capacity automatic spin dryer

The automatic Jumbo spin dryer was designed for high capacity dewatering while maintaining gentle handling of the product. The result is a considerable improvement in quality and an improved shelf life of the end product compared with other dryers available in the market. Dryer and process line controls are all accessed through a simple touch screen interface, which is able to store preset settings for various products and product conditions. The Jumbo construction is simple, robust and sanitary. With the Jumbo spin dryer product transfers are reduced, material handling is simplified and minimized, sanitation is simpler, floor space is conserved, and consistency of product quality can be achieved.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Possibility to dry very delicate and fragile products - leaf and otherwise.

• Electrically-powered motor allowing reliability and flexibility in operation.

• Fully automatic operation with computerized control of all the main management parameters.

• Minimum routine and unscheduled maintenance operations.

• Continuous product delivery to and from the centrifuge.

• Models available with several configurations to suit a wide range of applications and volumes.


Specifications /

Installed power
18 kW
2200 x 2300 x H. 4280 mm

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