Vortice / Three baskets carousel loading system

System that allows an automatic feed of three baskets for compact spin-dryer. The system allows to optimize the working cycles and it can be adjusted for different kinds of basket.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Possibility to dry very delicate and fragile products.

• Likelihood to dry mixed products (i.e. mixed salad).

• Very quick sanitation and cleaning operations.

• Very easy routine and unscheduled maintenance operations.

• Easy and safe to operate.

• Adjustable cycle times make it easy for operators to set the unit up for various products.

• Ergonomic machine design with low loading height to ensure less strain for operators as well as easier and faster handling of baskets.

• The space-saving design is ideal for use in smaller plants.


Specifications /

Installed power
0,37 kW
Ø 1230 x H. 1200 mm