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V-Force / In line continuous air separator

Foreign matter is the biggest single source of customer complaints for many food processors, retailers and food and safety inspectors. The advanced air separator machine Mod. V-Force, is a high efficiency system suitable to automatically remove heavy foreign matter during product flow. This system is designed to generate a gentle suction that vacuums up the leaves while heavier foreign matter is separated via a high-speed gravity based conveyor belt separation system. The heavier foreign matter will fall in-between the separated conveyor belts and will be removed from the product line. Another important advantage of the system is the creation of a mono layer that permit an optimal feeding of the following machine (for example an optical sorting machine, control belt,…). Once initial adjustments are made, the V-Force requires little or no supervision.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• High efficiency in elimination of foreign objects.

• Vacuum lift separation of objects.

• High throughput.

• Density and shape based separation.



Specifications /

Installed power
9 kW
2150 x 4500 x H. 2200 mm

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