Biarritz / Self-cleaning rotary system

Self-cleaning rotating filter suitable for several different applications. It is utilized in the food industry to screen in-process fluids, brine solutions, syrup and recycle water (eliminating all the suspended particles). The filter drum is made in a special trapezoid-section profile wrapped in a spiral formation around transversal supports in stainless steel AISI 304.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• High screening capacity compared to floor space requirements.

• No blinding and clogging.

• Wide models and filtering range (from 0,5 up to 1,5 mm).

• All parts are well accessible for inspection, washing or sterilization since it is built to meet the strict requirements of this particular field.

• Continuously operating with no assistance and little or no maintenance costs.

Specifications /

Installed power
Biarritz - 1: 0,33 kW
Biarritz - 6: 7 kW
Biarritz - 1: 404 x 500 mm
Biarritz - 6: 914 x 3000 mm