Aqua / Blowing washer

Designed having in mind the processors of the most delicate items (i.e. baby leaves), the Aqua model (that set the industry standard) provides gentle product washing, which minimizes product damage to maximize shelf life. The washer incorporates a large number of “state-of-the art” features to ensure thorough, efficient cleaning, as well as many features unique to our design. Sanitary design facilitates minimizing sanitation downtime thus resulting in more up-time, improving efficiency and capacity.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

  • Possibility to process a wide range of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms.
  • Excellent washing quality.
  • Easy regulation of the washing parameters and double combined hydraulic - pneumatic action.
  • Also available with wire belt for product output and with self – cleaning rotary filter (100-150).
  • Many available options – provide customisation to customer requirements.
  • Main washing parameters managed from PLC with touch – screen display.

Specifications /

Installed power
7,5 kW
4700 x 2000 x H. 2230 mm

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