Camel / Continuous flow patented washing and treatment system

The Camel system gently transport even fragile products while maintaining quality levels well within the most stringent specifications. This revolutionary design is utilizing the proven technology of the closed pipe flume concept without the use of a centrifugal pump for product movement. In this closed flume, the product contact time with the sanitizing water solution is accurately controlled guaranteeing full submersion and a precise treatment time. Its compact design, makes it easy to retrofit existing operations with limited space, while improving the washing operations and minimizing water requirements.

The main advantages and features of the machine are :

• Each system is custom designed -with many available options- to suit each specific product and facility requirements.

• Excellent washing and treatment quality.

• Easy regulation of the washing and treatment parameters managed from PLC with touch – screen display.

• High reduction of the treatment additives.

• Easy clean up with complete access to piping through sanitary pipes and valves.

• Possibility to wash both floating than not floating products (i.e. salads, shredded carrots, diced onions, several types of fruit, ...).




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Installed power
Each system is custom designed.
Each system is custom designed.

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