Capri / Double action washer

The Capri model provides gentle washing, minimizing the product damage to maximize shelf life. As a matter of fact, the hydro-pneumatic double action, allow to adjust the transit time and to perform an efficient washing of lettuces, vegetables and fruit. The products are propelled trough the tank in a combination of water jets and bubbling undergoing a thorough washing or rinsing action. The washed product is then gently transferred to a flexible mesh belt being conveyed for further dewatering, processing or packaging.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Possibility to wash floating or not floating products.

• Available with insect drum, extraction wire mesh belt or vibranting table.

• Easy adjustment of the washing parameters and hydraulic - pneumatic combined double action.

• Easy connection to an heat exchanger and a chlorine dosing unit.

• Very easy to clean and was designed in order to facilitate the HACCP program fulfilment.



Specifications /

Installed power
5 kW
5200 x 1890 x H. 1920 mm