Rodhos / Belt treatment tank

The Turatti treatment tank makes it possible to serve sliced apples and other fruits and vegetables (i.e. avocados, onions, potatoes and carrots) that require to maintain a contact time with a selected solution. The system was designed in order to minimize the amount of solution, while making the contact time longer (being very easy to adjust the time). Additionally it is possible to access all of the parts for maintenance or sanitation without causing damages to the product.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Excellent quality of the finished product.

• Very gentle to the product.

• Many available options – provide customisation to customer requirements.

• Main parameters managed by control system.

• Available in easily movable version (on wheels, forklift guides, easily uncoupled wiring and control panel).


Specifications /

Installed power
Each system is custom designed.
Each system is custom designed.