Canned foods / Canned foods

Turatti has been operating in the canned food processing sector (preserves) for over one hundred years.

Over the years, thanks to its experience Turatti has introduced equipment for the most varied types of products (fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, baby-food) which has strongly accelerated the development of the sector itself.

The complete production process covers all the processing areas, from the receipt of the unprocessed product to the canning phase (in cooperation with major companies Turatti supplies turnkey systems).

Processing solutions /

FRESH PRODUCTS fresh-product
CANNED FOOD conserve-en-US
FROZEN PRODUCT frozen-product
FRESH-CUT fresh-cut
CONVENIENCE FOOD convenience-food

The processing stages /

Processing line sample for mushrooms/

Processing line sample for tubers (potatoes, carrots)/

Esempio linea tuberi (patate, carote) en /