Convenience food / Convenience food

It is common knowledge that fifth range products include fruit and vegetables which undergo a preliminary process (washing, cutting, peeling …) and then they are cooked, sterilized and vacuum packed (in the case of medium-long term preservation) or steamed, boiled or grilled and packaged in protective atmosphere (in the case of perishable products).

A characteristic of these products (like those belonging to the fresh cut produce range) is that they are processed without the addition of preservatives or condiments.

Turatti is able to offer the most appropriate solution to satisfy requests for equipment suitable for this type of process.

Processing solutions /

FRESH PRODUCTS fresh-product
CANNED FOOD conserve-en-US
FROZEN PRODUCT frozen-product
FRESH-CUT fresh-cut
CONVENIENCE FOOD convenience-food

The processing stages /

Processing line sample for tubers (potatoes, carrots)/

Processing line sample for peppers, eggplants, zucchini/