Fresh-cut / Fresh-cut

We wrote the history of fresh cut: no other manufacturer in the world can boast the same experience as Turatti can in the manufacture of machines for fresh-cut products.

Main producers worldwide (references for which are available on request) use our technology and plants thanks to cooperation that very often goes beyond the standard customer-supplier relationship for then becoming a joint research team.

In this way different machines were developed that our clients call by name:Niagara (the cascade washing system that allows highly accurate separation of foreign bodies), Jumbo (the high-capacity spin dryer), Mistral (since 1986 the ultimate solution for drying delicate products).

We would be very pleased to either visit you or to organize visits to our customer's facilities in order to demonstrate that we are not being presumptuous and that we have created a dynamic reality that looks towards the future.


Processing solutions /

FRESH PRODUCTS fresh-product
CANNED FOOD conserve-en-US
FROZEN PRODUCT frozen-product
FRESH-CUT fresh-cut
CONVENIENCE FOOD convenience-food

The processing stages /

Processing line sample for salad/

Processing line sample for tubers (potatoes, carrots)/