Frozen product / Frozen product

Compared to any other preservation process freezing has the advantage that it does not alter in a significant way the structure and nutritional patrimony of food.

In fact since the industrial freezing procedure has been perfected cold technology has improved to the point that it has revolutionised the eating habits in the most developed Countries.

In order to obtain an extremely high quality finished product Turatti has transferred into this sector some of the processing principles adopted in the "fresh cut produce range" (sector which notoriously requires high quality standards).

As a result thanks to Turatti's technologies customers in the sector have been able to introduce extremely innovative products on the market and achieve a series of commercial successes.

Processing solutions /

FRESH PRODUCTS fresh-product
CANNED FOOD conserve-en-US
FROZEN PRODUCT frozen-product
FRESH-CUT fresh-cut
CONVENIENCE FOOD convenience-food

The processing stages /

Processing line sample for tubers (potatoes, carrots)/

Processing line sample for spinach/