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Turatti Group simply offers superior solutions in terms of efficiency and food safety.

Ryuji Tanaka

Salad Club Co., Ltd. boasts the largest market share in Japan for the Fresh-Cut and Ready-Meals markets, processing year-round in 16 production facilities across the country.
The company, which manufactures and sells packaged salads, was established in 1999 as a joint venture between Kewpie and Mitsubishi corporation.
When it comes to efficiency and quality, the Japanese manufacturing industry is known for its high standards, and for this reason choosing Turatti as partner and supplier for the processing lines came as no surprise. Several state-of-the-art automated equipment are operating around the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ryuji Tanaka, Executive Director of Salad Club,Inc., states that “We had been visiting multiple fresh-cut installations around the world, and we concluded that Turatti Group simply offers superior solutions in terms of efficiency and food safety. Our facilities are now running fully automated lines featuring large touch-screen displays offering real-time information from the various sensors that monitor almost every process across the process.” Particularly, Mr. Tanaka, loves the pumpless closed-pipe system known as the Mod. Camel. “This gentle washing system efficiently transports even the most fragile products, while maintaining quality levels well within the most stringent hygienic specifications. In this closed flume, the product contact time with the sanitizing water solution is accurately controlled, guaranteeing full submersion and a precise treatment time.

The Japanese factories are often in urban areas and in built in limited spaces, (sometime on two floors), and the compact design of this washing system made it easy to retrofit existing operations, while improving the washing operations and minimizing water requirements.

Turatti in Japan is represented by Itochu a Japanese corporation based in Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka and Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo. Itochu is one of the largest Japanese sogo shosha (a very large J company that trades internationally in a wide range of goods and services).

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