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Leafy vegetables
Adult vegetables

Brocolis, Cauliflower and Cabbage

Potatoes, carrots and turnips

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Supporting Nature

Natural Innovation

Our commitment for the Planet

There is no progress without respect: for Nature, for the supply chain, for the productivity standards of our Customers. We believe in “Natural Innovation”.

Agenda 2030

Ready to act

We draw inspiration from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, guiding our decisions and activities to enhance our impact on both people and nature. Committed to participating in this global challenge, we prioritize the judicious management of food and energy resources, waste reduction, and the adoption of responsible consumption models.

Hygienic Design

Preserving Nature’s goodness: a commitment to safer, more wholesome food

Our systems are meticulously designed to maintain the natural characteristics of food products. Employing advanced technologies, we ensure that the nutritional value, flavor, and freshness of natural ingredients endure throughout the entire processing journey.

Robust Design

Long-lasting high performance for maximum effectiveness

We engineer machinery for maximum durability, incorporating fault prevention technologies and optimizing systems of any generation to extend their life cycle. Through ongoing research and development, we reduce the environmental impact of our production lines, enabling our customers to operate more sustainably with lower consumption and management costs.

Waste Management

Promoting responsible consumption

For us, innovation entails safeguarding and improving, recognizing that the well-being of tomorrow hinges on today’s choices. Consequently, we combat waste across all dimensions, from water and energy consumption to the byproducts generated in the production process. This principle is initially implemented within our factories and then extended to supply chain operators: the machinery we develop preserves the quality and quantity of edible products, enhances their shelf life and distribution, all while prioritizing energy efficiency and the reduction of polluting emissions.


From our hub

Sustainability and innovation are our cornerstones.
Here you will find a selection of articles that explain why.