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Introducing the cutting-edge Model POSEIDON, the latest innovation from Turatti Group—a revolutionary combined washing and treatment system designed to enhance sustainable production practices.

With a strong focus on research and innovation, Turatti aims to minimize environmental impact while maximizing return on investment for our valued customers in the 4th Range product market.

Water consumption during the vegetable washing process has been a challenge in order to further improve sustainability. Turatti has already assisted numerous companies in reducing the ecological footprint of their products through our advanced washing and treatment systems.

Since 2006, we have successfully installed over 100 systems, including the efficient CAMEL model that employs a closed-circuit circulation principle, resulting in significant water conservation.

Building on our extensive experience over the past 15 years, Turatti proudly presents the Mod. POSEIDON—a state-of-the-art washing and treatment system that combines the latest technological advancements with our unwavering commitment to sustainability and food safety.

This innovative solution offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Water Saving: the Mod. POSEIDON significantly reduces water consumption, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious production processes
  • Guaranteed Treatment Quality: our system ensures that 100% of the processed product undergoes thorough and effective washing and treatment, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety
  • Optional Enhancements: the Mod. POSEIDON provides flexibility for additional features, such as UV ray water sanitization and C.I.P. washing devices, allowing customization based on specific requirements

The Mod. POSEIDON system comprises a reception and initial cleaning section seamlessly integrated with the highly efficient Mod. CAMEL transport, washing, and treatment system.

The reception section offers two options to suit varying needs:

  • Mod. Positano-700-EVO Canal Washing Machine: designed for general use, it can be equipped with or without a filter for insect removal
  • Mod. Niagara-800-EVO Waterfall Washing Machine: ideal for heavily soiled produce, this machine provides exceptional cleaning power
  • Other personalized options upon request

Turatti remains dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by consistently pushing the boundaries of sustainable production practices. With the Mod. POSEIDON, we continue to provide innovative solutions that prioritize both environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.

With the Mod. CAMEL tube washing system, the product contact time with sanitizing solution is guaranteed for the design duration of the system. The system guarantees 100% of the processed product is fully submerged for the required duration with a lower percentage of water-logged product from traditional washing systems.

Esempio con canala di lavaggio + lavaggio/trattamento in tubo

Example with washing channel + treatment Mod. Camel

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