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Treatment fogging system


Introducing the latest development in treatment systems for all delicate products such as baby-leaves, mushrooms, strawberries, etc., for which immersion in water is not recommended. The use of nebulization ensures a more or less gentle but always uniform treatment, reducing the waste of treatment liquid and water.
The machine is ideal for vertical farming installations that may require a sanitization phase.

The main features are:
• accurate treatment time
• uniform treatment quality
• optimal use of disinfectant liquids without waste
• high pressure stainless steel pump (70 Bar), to produce an ultra-fine nebulization (up to 5 lt/min)
• suggested sanitizing solution: 100 ppm of peroxyacetic acid in solution
• indicative capacity: 400/600 Kg/h of baby-leaves (55 Kg/m3)
• contact time: 20-30 seconds

• section with IP67 UVC-LED lamps (configuration top and bottom belt)
• final drying section incorporated into the unit
• supporting structure on wheels

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