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Compact centrifuge Tornado

This electric centrifuge was created for low-capacity industrial use. Robust, with manual loading and unloading, it can dry a wide range of food products, even the most delicate, being able to adjust the speed and drying time. Also available in laboratory version for precise measurements of extracted water.

The main features are:

  • Simple management and separate electrical panel.
  • Simple and safe to use;
  • Ergonomic design with low load height.
  • Small footprint required.
  • Very short cleaning and maintenance.
  • Capaccity reducers are available to be inserted into the basket for drying small products such as threaded carrots.




Machine features

  • Capacity:
    baby leaf 80/90 kg/h

    iceberg 150/180 kg/h
  • Capacity:
    baby leaf 100/120 k/h

    iceberg 200/250 k/h
  • Capacity:
    according to manual skills