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Continuous air drying tunnel mod. Eco-Dryer

It is the ideal system to remove residual moisture from the surface of very delicate products after washing. Since the product is not subjected to mechanical stress, it can dry delicate products such as baby-leaf and aromatic herbs without damaging them. Available in different sizes to suit your needs.

The main features are:

  •  Particularly suitable for very delicate products.
  • Dedicated refrigerating units.
  • Perfect insulation from the environment to reduce thermal dispersions and increase efficiency.
  • Easy and complete access to the internal structure of conveyor belts for product removal and cleaning.
  • Easy removal of sides and all containment plates for cleaning and inspection.
  • Easy cleaning of all surfaces thanks to the quality of the welds, the juxtaposition of the sheets and the absence of jagged edges and dead spots that cause accumulation of residues and product.
  • The unit is designed to avoid the stagnation of liquids (including chemical solutions) during cleaning.




Machine features

  • Capacity:
    200/1500 kg/h in relation to the size