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Blowing washer mod. Venezia

This washing machine is adapts to different production volumes, and takes advantage of the gentle action of air bubbles to ensure an excellent result while preserving the integrity of the product. Particularly suitable for baby leaves, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, it can be optionally equipped with a filter for insects and small floating impurities.

The main features are:

  •  Suitable for floating and non-floating products.
  • Adjustable intensity of water jets and ara aria.
  • Self-cleaning water filter.
  • Monofilament extraction belt .
  • Controlled with “touch screen” screen PLC for the management of operating parameters.
  • Available with insect drum.
  • Adaptable to customer needs.
  • Available in an easily transportable version.




Machine features

  • Capacity:
    1000kg/h iceberg

  • Capacity:
    1400kg/h iceberg

  • Capacity:
    2000 kg/h iceberg

  • Capacity:
    3000/4000 kg/h spinach