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About us

Innovative Solutions
for the Food Industry

Since 40 years we are world leader in the design and production of machinery and complete processing lines for the food industry.

Born as an artisan workshop

From its humble beginnings in 1869 as a small artisan workshop in Cavarzere (VE) thanks to Filippo Turati, who began making agricultural wagons and wooden machinery and then adding equipment for the sugar factory and the village distillery. After the great wars, Turatti adapted its strategy by consolidating its knowledge and “know-how” from woodworking to the developing steel sector, innovating and applying, at the time, advanced concepts on what will be the foundation for the food processing industry.

Innovative Mushroom Processing

In the latter half of the 1970s, Turatti began entering the global market with the development of the patented TAS-21. The world’s first automated mushroom processing, able to wash, de-soil, cut, and grade varying sizes. This iconic development verified Turatti as a significant player in the growing food processing sector while imposing itself on a considerable portion of the market share

Achieving becoming the world leader of the plants for the preparation of the ready-to-eat

To the intuition of then-President Antonio Turatti, the first half of the 1980s led the company to tackle the market of ready-prepared fresh salads and vegetables. Facing new challenges with the first lines sold, Turatti developed washing solutions, cutting and drying ready-to-eat salads that have become the group’s core business while setting a standard worldwide on simple, efficient, and hygienic design. Turatti were born solutions such as its Vortex centrifuges, its drying tunnels and its cookers to prepare ready meals, realized for the major customers in the industry. It invests heavily in research and development, applying state-of-the-art technology to fully automate the processing lines while using advanced programs to develop better quality controls and quality assurance.

Continued Growth

In the last decade, Turatti has expanded its international presence by opening two offices in the United States in 2015 and adding a pacific headquarters in Vietnam in 2017. In 2019 Turatti Group was acquired by DEA Capital at 70% of the shares through the Taste of Italy fund, a benchmark in the food & beverage sector. In 2022, Taste of Italy was joined by the EC I fund of Entangled Capital SGR, which took over the shares of the Turatti family, launching the company more and more towards growth with even more innovative and sustainable solutions. The acquisition of Tecnoceaam s.r.l. is the last step in its evolution.

Nature at the heart of Turatti

Our Values

We want to help Nature by preparing and preserving fruit and vegetables, reducing food waste and respecting the environment to allow more and more people to eat them. It would not be possible without constant research and development, activities that we owe to our customers and generations to come.

Where we are

Our locations

Turatti Group is a global company that combines tradition with innovation to produce quality products. Our offices in Cavarzare (in Veneto, the third most productive region in Italy) and Salinas (California) allow us to accommodate different countries with different needs according to the specifics required, but always with the spirit and motivation of the origins.

Our Headquarters

In Cavarzere we have all company functions. It is our central hub for spare parts and technical assistance. Our mechanical and automation solutions are designed and then realized in a workshop of over 5,400 m2.

North America

Our warehouse for the North American market is located in the heart of the “Salad Bowl of America”, Salinas, California. Hosting all the after-sales services that rely on a large stock of spare parts allows us to be efficient with our customers.

Enrico Gribaudo
President & CEO

The Company

Our people

Our projects, the machines, the innovations we constantly work on and the values that guide our every activity: the people who work in the company are the soul of the Group, and it is thanks to them that the spirit of the origins has been transmitted, intact, until today

Marco Panciera
Solution Stream Manager
Alberto Rigoni
Chief Information Stream
Luca Boscolo Meneguolo
Chief Cash Stream
Enrico Gribaudo
Chief Growing Stream

Our Projects

Case Studies

A selection of some projects we have handled for our clients

Job Opportunities

Become part of our family

Turatti is a young and dynamic team-oriented towards continuous improvement to help preserve the world we live in and that we will leave to our children to build increasingly sustainable plants with an organization that has a positive impact on the society in which we live.

You are one of us if:
  • You are curious and proactive
  • A problem for you is a stimulus to improve and not a hindrance
  • You care about the environment and are not prejudiced
  • What you do and the way you do it today, is the basis and not your point of arrival
  • You never stop studying and learnin