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News Sustainability

Construction of the new Turatti manufacturing site is underway

The new structure that will be built in the Cavarzere Industrial Area, will be completed by 2022

Rrendering new manufacturing site 1200x675

In the industrial area of Cavarzere, on a surface of about 15.000m2, the construction of our new manufacturing site, which will replace the existing historical plant, has started in these days.

The new structure will extend over about 6800m2 and will be built with the most innovative energy-saving technologies, according to the BREEM, the global method for assessment and certification of sustainable development of buildings. The entire surface of the roof will be covered by next-generation solar panels, which will guarantee energy independence for the most part of the year.

The new productive layout adopted in the plant will be according to the LEAN manufacturing policy, in order to reduce transfer time and waste: in addition to this, the fleet of machine tools and equipment will be deeply modernized with the latest technologies, also according to the industry 4.0 standards.

The completion of the new high-tech plant is expected by the end of 2022.

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