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KNOVE: the latest solution to eliminate the sorting table !


The objective of the KNOVE slicer is to reduce production cost, reduce risk of contamination, reduce downtime, while maintaining the highest quality standards. A fully automated solution that is paired with an optical sorter to process adult salads with a dimension of max. 30 cm, that can replace the cleaning/sorting table.
Currently a 12-person station is necessary for the indicative capacity of 2000 kg/h; now with the KNOVE system you can double the capacity to 4000 – 5000 kg/h of uncleaned product carefully selected after slicing.

Main features of the KNOVE include:

  • the versatility of the feeding belt in tandem with the cutting head allows for a wide range of cuts and capacities. Each can be adjusted independently of the other
  • wide range of thickness
  • robust system that can handle continuous uninterrupted production
  • complete accessibility for easy sanitation
  • capable of cutting adult salads up to max. 30 cm

knove dis01

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