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Turatti and XNext announce at Fruit Logistica an important international commercial partnership agreement

Turatti e XNext

The world’s most advanced technology for quality control and preparation of IV range products

Turatti, a leading company in the design of machines and complete lines for the preparation of fresh fruits and vegetables, and Xnext, a leading company in hyperspectral X-ray inspection technology with XSpectra, have reached an agreement to develop a comprehensive solution that combines production and quality control.

The Challenge

The inspection systems currently in use for detecting foreign bodies in IV Range salad production do not allow for the identification of a wide set of low to medium-density contaminants, especially plastics and rubbers. Additionally, the elimination of pesticides and the increasing trend towards organic cultivation have led to an increase in cases of organic contamination (mud, snails, etc.), which are impossible to detect when they are inside the product.

Food companies, increasingly attentive to food safety, place the choice of machinery that can ensure it at the center of their production strategies to safeguard the health of all consumers.

The Solution

XNEXT®’s cutting-edge inspection system is capable of overcoming the limitations of traditional inspection systems by performing real-time multispectral analysis to identify low-density foreign bodies such as light plastics and rubbers and organic contaminations, well beyond traditional foreign bodies such as metal, stones, and glass.

In addition to significantly improving food safety, XSpectra® reduces the risk of products being recalled from the market and generates a huge amount of data on the inspected product, which is very useful for monitoring and optimizing the production process.

This technological partnership will allow Xnext® to consolidate the recognized added value that XSpectra® technology can bring to safety and quality inspection phases and Turatti to expand its industrial offering by introducing the best food safety inspection and quality control technology in the world. By relying on Turatti and Xnext, companies in the IV Range sector will be able to have a system that combines Turatti’s experience and XSpectra®’s innovation.

A product is born destined to become a standard within fruit and vegetable processing lines not only to improve production but also to optimize the entire supply chain process, from raw material to finished product, minimizing the risk of resource waste and health risks for customers.

This collaboration is an important step in Xnext’s growth strategy because with Turatti we will be able to enhance the innovation of XSpectra and maintain a competitive advantage by offering innovative solutions to our customers as well as to Turatti’s partners.

Bruno Garavelli, CEO Xnext

With this new partnership with Xnext, Turatti has the opportunity to implement new innovative technologies into its production process to ensure cutting-edge solutions for its customers. Turatti strongly believes that creating new partnerships is a fundamental pillar in today’s context to stimulate innovation, promote economic growth, and effectively address global challenges.

Enrico Gribaudo, CEO Turatti

About Turatti

Turatti is a company specialized in the design and construction of machines and plants for fruit and vegetable processing, providing tailor-made solutions for the fresh food industry. In February, the Turatti family officially exited the capital of the company they founded over 150 years ago: the EC I fund, managed by Entangled Capital, finalized the acquisition of a 30% stake in the company. However, in December 2019, the family had sold the majority of its shares to the Taste of Italy fund managed by Dea Capital Alternative Funds. Today, Turatti is the world leader in IV Range processing plants.

About Xnext

Xnext is an innovative SME that has developed Xspectra, a revolutionary non-destructive inspection technology capable of detecting non-conformities in real-time in industrial products. In particular, XSpectra helps improve food safety by detecting contaminants such as plastics, bones, cartilage, insects, woods, and rubbers directly in the production line, otherwise not detectable by traditional inspection systems.

Xspectra is able to detect such contaminations directly in the production line, in a few milliseconds it can perform hyperspectral analysis of the product in real-time by comparing the energy absorbed by any contaminants and thus decreeing compliance or non-compliance with the required quality standards. XSpectra stands out from traditional inspection systems thanks to the synergy of three technological innovations developed by Xnext: photonics, nuclear electronics, and Artificial Intelligence. Xnext was the first in the world to exploit the potential of Deep Learning in the X-ray food inspection sector.

After launching XSpectra on the market in 2022, it currently has 55 installations in Italy, France where it has opened a local branch, Slovakia, and has received orders from Israel, Japan, and Germany.

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